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About Morning Mist Farm

Morning Mist Farm is a registered family owned and operated multipurpose farm.  We raise poultry, waterfowl and grade paint horses out of quarter horse/mustang stock.  We are pleased with what we have accomplished here and look forward to many more years of working this farm. 

About Us

Tim and Laurie Spencer bought the land that became Morning Mist Farm in 1990.  Since then, they have made manyGadsden
                Flag improvements, built a house, and re-fenced and cross fenced the entire farm  There still remains a never ending "to do list" of further improvements as well as continuous maintenance.  The farm is operated and managed as family effort, with Laurie working on sales, Neekisha providing the basic ground work training for the horses, and Tim doing whatever else that needs to be done as his health permits.

Tim & Laurie have been married for 38 years, and have three adult children, Ms. Neekisha Spencer, Mr. David Spencer and SSGT. Kelly B. Spencer.  They also have eight  grand children (last count).

About Laurie...

Laurie manages the farm's finances, negotiates sales and works diligently to improve the operating environment of the farm through her expert evaluation techniques and her farsighted planning abilities.  She also assists and cares for her husband, Tim, a 100% disabled veteran.

Laurie's ability to gain the trust of horses is uncanny.  Because both her and her daughter, Neekisha, use training techniques that are highly effective but unconventional, they have "tamed" some of the wildest stock that one could imagine.

Before moving to Missouri in 1990, Laurie worked as a water survival instructor for the Department of Defense at Belle Chase, LA,  as a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard at Naval Station Charleston and as a contracted American Red Cross instructor for virtually every class taught by the Red Cross.  Additionally, she also worked at Berkeley County, SC EMS.  Here she has worked as a Swimming Pool Manager for the City of Salem, owned a video store and a game room, and has also worked at Wal-Mart.  Now she works on the farm and takes care of her husband, Tim.

Laurie is also now a very proficient and elegantly spoken talk-show host on the Republic Broadcasting Network, acting as a co-host on the Rural Survival Show.  The show's ratings continue to steadily climb and she truly enjoys doing the show, though there is no money in it at this point in time.

About Tim...

Tim is a 100% disabled veteran due to combat related injuries.  As his levels of energy and pain permit, Tim works closely with a very old picture of TimLaurie and Neekisha to ensure maintenance items and improvements are made in a timely, proper and a cost effective manner.  After loosing his left leg in 2017 in a household accident followed by a MRSA infection, Tim is now pretty much restricted  to things like repairing and maintaining power equipment for, canning food, and web work.  One more surgery is being scheduled for Winter 2018/2019 to allow him to wear his prosthesis, a point in time the whole family is looking forward to.

Tim is also becoming a rather infamous talk-show host on the Republic Broadcasting Network, acting as a co-host on the Rural Survival Show.and guest appearances on many other shows.  He tells it like it is, eats trolls for breakfast and couldn't care less if the truth pisses people off - did we mention he's both pro-freedom and politically incorrect?

Tim is the managing director of, a philanthropic on-line presence of emergency management and security professionals offering information for rural families and agricultural interests readily accessible information and resources in the areas of disaster preparedness and mitigation. is not a non-profit nor a not for profit organization; it simply exists and makes no profit whatsoever as an entity unto it's self.

About Neekisha...

Tim and Laurie's daughter, Neekisha, is married to Mr. Daniel Gregory and they have two and a daughter.  Neekisha is an invaluable asset to the farm and enables the farm to not only survive, but to succeed.  She is primarily responsible for most equine training accomplished at Morning Mist Farm and is also our primary "go to" person for veterinary needs.  Daniel works both on and off of the farm, but his help on the farm is invaluable.

Additionally, Neekisha owns and operates HedgeTreeLawn, LLC, please take a look at her website by clicking here:, we think that you will be impressed!